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Lucy Le Gassicke
It was the most incredible trip
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Enjoy the thrills and spills of the Zrmanja River!


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Finland Winter
7 days
  • Learn how to build a quinzees (like an igloo!)
  • Snowshoe through snow-covered forests
  • Cross-country ski through beautiful landscapes
  • Try and catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights
Finland Summer
7 days
  • Learn wilderness skills; fire making, fishing, orienteering
  • Canoe and hike through picturesque national parks
  • Enjoy an evening safari and try to spot brown bears
  • Visit a reindeer farm and learn lassoing
14 days
  • Work on an elephant conservation project
  • Visit stunning waterfalls and lagoons
  • Explore the Bhuddist temples of Luang Prabang
  • Learn Laos craft and textile techniques
14 days
  • A non-stop thrill-seeking adventure through the heart of Chang Mai
  • Learning about sustainability, self-sufficiency and eco-living
  • Trek in the mountains and see stunning waterfalls
  • Visit sacred temples and learn about Thai culture and Buddhism
Malaysia Adventure
18 days
  • Trek through a tropical rainforest paradise
  • 2-day kayak journey visiting islands and forest-dwelling communities
  • Help with community and conversation projects
  • Snorkel tour in search of the of coral and marine-life
Malaysia Turtle Conservation
10 days
  • Work on a sea turtle conservation project on paradise beaches
  • Explore the bright lights of Kuala Lumpar
  • Experience a vibrant mix of Asian cultures
  • Immerse yourself with the local community
12 days
  • Work alongside communities on worthwhile projects
  • Use your skills to teach local children reading, writing, art and sports
  • Learn about Malawi’s exciting mix of cultures and traditions
  • Enjoy an African safari game drive