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Hope for Turtles

Wildlife lover and expedition participant, Hope Lewis, who is travelling to Greece on expedition this summer, has been getting crafty with her fundraising efforts.

Obviously one to spot an opportunity, Hope managed to get some scrap textiles and fabrics from a family friend that had been destined for landfill. From these she made a range of beautiful fabric storage pots which she’s then sold at local craft fairs, Christmas markets and on her Facebook page.

As the fabrics were free, the cost to produce the pots was very low, so all the profits have gone towards the cost of her expedition. Incredibly, Hope has now managed to raise the entire cost of her expedition through this venture!

During the 12 day expedition, Hope and her team mates will be spending three days working at ARCHELON – the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece. The society works to protect endangered loggerhead turtles by rescuing and rehabilitating animals that have been injured by fishing lines and scrap plastic. They also help to protect hatchlings during the nesting season and ensure they have a safe route to the sea.

In addition to working with ARCHELON, the team will also be embarking on a sea kayaking adventure around the Ionian Islands. They’ll also visit some of the iconic historical landmarks in Athens including the Acropolis and the Panathenaic stadium, home to the first modern Olympic Games in 1896.

Hope said: “My fundraising idea for the Greece trip is making fabric pots for people to store their things in. This is fundraising and reducing the use of plastic. I’m using some fabrics that have been on the end of rolls and were about to go into landfill, they are perfectly good pieces of fabric and so that is also helping the planet too. I have managed to raise all the money for my expedition now and this is just from making my pots!”

Not only has Hope demonstrated fantastic entrepreneurial skills, she’s done it in an ethical and sustainable way by recycling materials and reducing waste. A true Global Citizen and wildlife crusader, Hope has also started to sell her pots to help the animals affected by the bushfires in Australia.

Everyone at Outlook would like to say a massive congratulations Hope! You’re an inspiration. Have an amazing time on your expedition.

If you’d like to buy one (or three!) of Hope’s pots – visit her Facebook page.

Written by
Hope Lewis