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Pay Your Way this Winter

The cold winter months may make your summer expedition feel like a lifetime away, but it will be here before you know it and we want to support you in making the most of this time of year with some seasonal self-funding ideas!

Seasonal Services
You may not be washing cars and mowing lawns, but there are still plenty of things you can be doing for people in your local area during the colder months of the year. From clearing leaves to shovelling snow, recycling Christmas trees and selling off unwanted Christmas presents. Identify what's needed in your area and get started!

Get Crafty
From Christmas to Valentine's - even looking ahead to Easter - there are lots of events to be celebrated at this time of year so why not get involved by making greetings cards or homemade gifts for the occasions? You can sell them at school or local events, and even set up your own online shop to maximise your income potential.

Swap Winter Blues for Dancing Shoes
So, we know there is lots to celebrate but where to do all this celebrating? Host themed discos and parties at school or in your local community, to mark each of the season's milestones. Maximise your earnings at these events by combining with other self-funding activities including selling those handmade crafts, advertising your services, and putting on raffles and auctions to see that money come rolling in!

Winter Warmers
There's no pick-me-up on a cold day quite like sipping on a delicious, piping hot drink - and it's a great, simple way you can self-fund for your expedition and put smiles on people's faces! Set up a hot drinks stands at school football matches, local concerts, or even (with permission) at school break times - a hot drink on a cold day is hard to say no to!

Keep it Easy
Don't forget, as partners of EasyFundraising they're available to support you year-round with turning your EasyFundraising profile into its very own business franchise! Maximise on income generated during Christmas, capitalise on those new year insurance renewal dates, and tap into easy funds throughout winter and beyond, by reaching out to the team at EasyFundraising today!

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Outlook Expeditions