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Self-Funding Inspiration: Harshini's Story

Approach & Inspiration

I have always loved painting and arts and crafts having done many paintings over the years. I decided I could use this to fundraise by selling the paintings I do. Instead of only painting on canvases, I thought about smaller paintings that could be used as gifts or as room décor. From this, I came up with the idea to place small paintings into fillable plastic ‘moulds’. These could be hung on someone’s door or wall.

Achievements & Challenges

So far I have begun making the hearts filled with paintings and am planning to sell them at my school’s Christmas Fayre in December. The highlight of this has been watching my paintings and crafts come together from start to finish, ready for me to sell. It was a challenge to decide how to sell the canvas paintings as I had never sold a painting before; however, I researched different websites and looked at competitor pricing […].

Feedback & Review

I am yet to receive feedback however, going forward I will try to broaden the variety of paintings in the ‘heart moulds’ by doing festive paintings as well. This will mean I am able to sell more that can be used as baubles to hang on Christmas trees.

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