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Self-Funding Inspiration: Edward's Story

Approach & Inspiration

I decided to set myself a personal challenge that would help me get fit and ready for the expedition and raise money at the same time. I discussed it with family and friends and decided to run 100km in 5 weeks. I picked 100km as it is 10,000km from London to Laos so I will be running 1% of the distance. I used Just Giving Crowd Funding as a way to raise the money.

Achievements & Challenges

I have completed 1 week of the challenge so far. I post my runs on Strava and then share this on social media sites to friends and family only. I have completed 20% of the distance so am on track. I find it difficult to leave the house to begin with and start running but I know I have to as people are sponsoring me!

We raised £490 to go on a volunteering expedition to an Elephant Sanctuary in Laos. Laos is 10000km away.

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