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Self-Funding Inspiration: Emma's Story

Approach & Inspiration

A family from my Church were going on holiday and I heard they were going to leave their amazing Labrador in the kennels for the weekend. My heart couldn't bear this thought so I quickly contacted them and offered to look after Archie (their dog) while they were away. They loved the idea and were thrilled that he would be in a loving home. This arrangement was also beneficial for both sides and was a win win situation; they were able to leave their dog with someone who could care, feed, walk and play with their “little boy" and I would be able to raise some money for the Expedition in an unusual and exciting way as we agreed they would pay me a similar price to that as leaving Archie at the kennels.

Achievements & Challenges

Looking after Archie was an extremely exciting experience. […] Through looking after him I learned what a huge responsibility owning a dog is and it taught me a lot about caring for others.

The first highlight of dog sitting Archie was taking him on long walks in the dales and being able to enjoy the fresh air and feeling a sense of complete tranquillity. Our long walks were also an opportunity for me to practice walking for hours for the Expedition.

Feedback & Review

Archie personally thanked me for all the treats I gave him and for the hours of playing fetch. But on a serious note, the owner was extremely pleased especially as Archie didn’t have to stay in the kennels but also that he was well looked after and felt at home.

So far I have raised £130 as well as having tons of fun and making a new friend

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