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Self-Funding Inspiration: Tom's Story

Approach & Inspiration

During the run-up to Christmas, I wanted a cost-effective and simple Christmas themed gift. Previous years at Christmas markets I had seen hot chocolate gift ideas and reindeer food bags so I decided to cost the making of these, produce them and raise money this way. To approach doing this I added a poem onto the reindeer food which said how to use it and what it goes towards. I also added a label onto the hot chocolate cones so that it spread awareness of what good it goes towards and how it supports me.

Achievements & Challenges

I decided to use Cadbury's hot chocolate for its quality reputation as a selling point and I used environmentally and animal-friendly products in my reindeer food as I know of the hazards caused by microplastics. The team was going to have a stall at the local Christmas market where I could sell my produce. However, due to a storm this was cancelled and I had hundreds of products to sell before Christmas. To overcome this, I took to social media to advertise my products for sale and contacted local businesses. Overall I raised around £400.

Feedback & Review

I had positive feedback for my unique products with various people giving them as gifts. People seemed grateful that it was homemade. I plan to do the same again but slightly differently. I would plan to go to businesses in advance so that I can make them to order and offer them a discount price for a batch of hot chocolates.

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