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Self-Funding Inspiration: Vatiliai's Story

Approach & Inspiration

My Mum's family are from a fishing background and two of my big brothers live and work on the Isle of Skye as fishermen. So I am following in family tradition and have spent the last two summers living with my brother on Skye and going fishing.

Achievements & Challenges

I am pleased to report that I took to life on the ocean wave without any side effects such as sea sickness. I had to work with the rest of the crew as a team and my job was to stack the creels after they were hauled, emptied and baited. I was also responsible for casting the fleet back out. This did involve one incident when my foot got caught in rope and I was pulled overboard losing my welly boot in the process. Thankfully after I clambered back on board we were able to retrieve my welly.

Feedback & Review

I have enjoyed my time at sea and fit in well with rest of the crew. Spending quality time with my brother has been an added bonus. I have self funded whole trip.

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