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Self-Funding Inspiration: Harshini's Story

Approach & Inspiration

I am very passionate about Indian Classical singing as I have been learning it from the age of 5. Therefore, when thinking about ways to fundraise I had the idea to teach other kids classical singing; as I have knew this which are educational songs that I enjoy singing. I found a student who wanted lessons and I arranged for online lessons.

Achievements & Challenges

The highlight of teaching so far has been being able to help my student feel comfortable to sing in the lessons as I remember being very shy when I first started. At first it took some time but I encouraged her to ask me to repeat something when she needed me to and ask for my help whenever she wanted. So far, after teaching she has used a recording of me singing the song to practice.

Feedback & Review

I received feedback that she has been very happy with the teaching and I myself have really enjoyed the experience of teaching singing. I will definitely continue with this, as it has been a great way to nurture my hobby whilst fundraising at the same time! In the future, if possible I could do in-person lessons for a better learning experience for my student.

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