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Be dazzled by an array of fascinating cultures and dramatic scenery

Away from bustling cities and golden beaches, the true Thailand lives in its rural heartland, where people have lived for years working the rice paddies to a backdrop of tropical forests and houses on stilts.

The word ‘Thai’ means freedom, so literally Thailand is the ‘land of freedom’ and proudly proclaims that, unlike its neighbours, it has never been colonised.

This has allowed the country to retain its unique culture, traditions and language.

Comine with neighbouring Laos and/or Vietnam for an exhilarating Southeast Asian adventure.


Educational overseas adventures that are easy to book and plan

  • A non-stop thrill-seeking adventure through the heart of Chang Mai
  • Learning about sustainability, self-sufficiency and eco-living
  • Trek in the mountains and see stunning waterfalls
  • Visit sacred temples and learn about Thai culture and Buddhism
Trip length 14 days
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