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You may find the destination feels a little different to what you’re used to, although as you’re spending the majority of your itinerary on a remote tropical island, we don’t anticipate Belize being a culturally challenging destination. You will immerse yourself in Mayan culture and have the opportunity learn about this way of life whilst taking part in some day tours.

There are two seasons rather than four in Belize, the wet and dry season; both have comfortable temperatures similar to that of the UK’s summer. The wet season which runs between June and December brings rain and thunder storms.

Your itinerary will be both mentally and physically challenging; although diving is an accessible activity, it’s tough. You’ll be learning lots of new skills and will need to remain calm when you submerse yourself below the sea. You’ll take part in at least two dives every week day, you’ll be relaxed and comfortable before you know it! When you’re not diving, you’ll have free time which can be spent resting, snoozing in hammocks or playing team sports.


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  • Gain your PADI Open Water certificate
  • An exclusive opportunity to live on a private tropical island
  • Contribute to a marine conservation project and learn about the threats facing the precious coral reef and marine life
  • Immerse yourself in the ancient Mayan culture
Trip length 16 days
Cultural rating
Environmental rating
Physical rating
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