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The Azores

Step into a sanctuary of biodiversity and geodiversity

The nine islands of the Azores are all volcani in their origin. The archipelago is divided up into three geographical groups; The Eastern, Central and Western Group.

All the islands share an extraordinary natural legacy and they also have their own unique landscape, traditions, cuisines and architecture.

The Azores are considered to be a sanctuary of biodiversity and geodiversity and are one of the best destinations for Nature Tourism. There are many protected areas that are home to unique flora and fauna, beautiful forest reserves and sites of special geological interest.

The Azores

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The Azores
  • Discover one of the best locations for ‘Nature Tourism’
  • Explore the lakes, caves, lava fields and forests of two volcanic islands
  • Hike, climb, kayak and bathe in natural hot springs
  • Spot up to eight species of whales and dolphins on a whale watching tour
Trip length 8 days
Cultural rating
Environmental rating
Physical rating
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