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Self-Funding Inspiration: Louie's Story

Approach & Inspiration

Since he signed up for this expedition, he has had some support from me and his father. But mainly been cracking on with ideas. […] Louie has not let what has been happening in our personal and family life deter him and has been extremely determined to raise the funds he needs for this expedition. Coming up with ideas completing tasks by himself, in smaller teams and with the whole team at school.

Achievements & Challenges

Louie has created Christmas decorations which he sold over £100 worth during the Christmas period last year which was fantastic due to the Covid restrictions in place. He has taken part in every event the school have done together pancake evenings for teachers, car washing etc. Done bake sales at school with a smaller group of team members and by himself, usually does one once a month.

Sorting through any clothes etc and selling on eBay and at boot sales. Selling elephant bracelets, he’s made at any opportunity he can get.

Feedback & Review

I think he will just keep going and will come to us with his ideas which we will aid with and he will always go forward on them.

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