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Self-Funding Inspiration: Jake's Story

Approach & Inspiration

Jakes's self-funding idea was his own and showed great entrepreneurship. Helping him set up a small, local business titled ‘JakesOddJobs. He designed a poster and created (through his father’s social media) a FB Business Page.

Being a busy teenager, he has balanced schoolwork, Air Cadets and his small business with dedication and commitment. He realised a gap in the local market for car washes and gardening, so centred his business around those services

Achievements & Challenges

Jakes's achievements have been nothing short of remarkable. Completely managing his own appointments diary, he has so far made approximately £1250 since September 2021 to completely self-fund his trip to Thailand.

Not only that, but he recently took part in a 50km walk where he raised an additional £340 towards his trip. This has so far been his biggest challenge to date and one that he feels proud to have been part of. Working together as a team, Jake was key in ensuring everyone carried on throughout the day, encouraging them and lifting morale when it was most needed.

To date, the worst job he has had to do is 3 hours of shovelling horse manure in the pouring rain. That alone proves how determined he is

Feedback & Review

The feedback Jake gets from his customers is glowing. His hard work, dedication and commitment have shone through with every job he has done.

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