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Fun facts about Thailand

It's important to respect the customs of the country you're visiting, here are a few things to consider whilst travelling in Malaysia.


Note: If you are male, you end sentences with the word khrup/krap. Similarly if you are female, you end your sentences with word ka/kap. This is used to make your sentence or question polite and respectful.
English Thai Pronunciation
Hello Sawadee (khrup/ka) Suh-waht-dee
See you later Jur gan Jur gan
Yes Chai (khrup/ka) Chai
No Mai (khrup/ka) Mai
Thank you Khop khun (khrup/ka) Kawp-koon
Excuse me khor thoad (khrup/ka) Kaw-tohd
Do you speak English? Kun pood paasaa anggrit dai mai Koon poot pah-sah un-grit dai mai
How are you? Sa bai dee mai (khrup/ka) Suh-bai dee mai
My name is (female) Chán chuu Chan cheu
My name is (male) Pŏm chuu Pohm cheu
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